Our Services


S Architectural TEAM can offer its clients a variety of services in the field of investment design and construction, treating each task with great care and professionalism. Relying on our extensive knowledge and experience, we will be active in every step of the project - from its design and management, to its realisation. By trusting us, you choose quality, security, and a guarantee that your project will be implemented in accordance with our high standards.

Urban and master planning

SAT’s project work is inspired by the idea that the quality of the environment directly affects the quality of life – be it at work, at home, or in public spaces. We pay particular attention to the development of our projects at the urban planning level which is when the building concept is formed and its features and character are defined. At this stage we perform a detail analysis of the environment, taking into account its specific features – topography, climate, cultural context, infrastructure and other factors.


  • Preliminary design

  • Design development

Visualization and presentation of projects

We work with our architects, designers, and engineers to create high quality images and video presentations using both existing 3D CAD data and 2D reference materials.We produce photo-realistic static images, animated visualisations ,as well as interactive real-time models with web3D content that deliver a unique experiences to our customers and audiences.


The project management offered by the SAT team includes full planning, coordination and control of the project from its beginning. When managing a project our efforts are directed towards its successful realisation in accordance with the interests of the client, the predefined financial framework, quality standards and execution deadline. Our services fall within six main categories: Planning management, cost management, timeline management, quality management, implementation contract management, implementation safety management.

Supervising and tendering

The supervision during construction is as important to us as the project itself. Our goal is the realisation of high quality sites, which correspond to the maximum extent to the design, guaranteeing their successful utilization. Our experts are able to exercise strict control of all construction processes and to respond resiliently to any problem or inaccuracy in the construction stage.