The Cross-shaped barracks – "Krastatata Kazarma" is a unique architectural monument not only for Bulgaria but for the whole Balkan peninsula. It was built in 1801 in the gardens of the Old Saray by French and Polish architects for the Ottoman garrison leaded by Osman Pazvantoğlu. The massive two-storey building in the shape of an equal-armed cross has 4 almost separate inner yards and the entrances are in the corners of the diagonals. After the Liberation it was used as a Court and barracks for the Bulgarian army. The inside distribution of "Krastatata Kazarma" has been changed and realigned many times according to the requirements and needs of the institutions there. Today it is an Architectural Monument of Culture of National importance and Ethnographic Museum where you can see a variety of exhibitions recreating the past life-style of the Bulgarians from the Vidin region.

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