"St. Nicholas of Myra Wonder-maker" Church is the second-biggest Orthodox temple in Vidin. Its construction started in 1926 by architect Kosta Nikolov' project. The building replaced the 17 c. chapel "St. Nikola Novi", a Bell tower and a wall around "St. Pantheleimon" Church. It was completely finished and consecrated in 1930 by the Vidin Archbishop Neophyte. There is a black marble plaque with the names of 34 donators inside the church and 9 other names, written above one of the lateral entrances. Among them is the dignified mayor of Vidin Dimitar Damyanov (1868-1953) who donated many icons and money. The three-nave cross-vault church is entirely frescoed inside. An impressive mosaic with the image of St Nicholas, made in Berlin, set in an arched niche above the southern entrance, is similar to the mosaic of Anthim I in his Mausoleum. "St. Nicholas of Myra Wonder-maker" was declared a Monument of Culture in 1975 and is a part of the Archbishops complex in Vidin’s old town called "Kaleto".

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