The Archbishops (Mitropolitski) Complex in the old part of Vidin "Kaleto" is near the Danube Park. It includes various temples and church buildings. The oldest is the half-dug in the ground, one-nave "St. Pantheleimon" Church, built in the 17 c. on the foundations of an ancient temple. It was declared a Monument of Architecture and Art of National importance. Next to it rises the second largest Orthodox church in Vidin – "St. Nicholas of Myra Wonder-maker" completed and consecrated in 1930 in the place of an old chapel from the 17 c. The three-nave cross-vault church has also been declared a Cultural Monument. Behind it, the Mausoleum of the Bulgarian spiritual leader – Anthim I is located, elevated by the grateful people of Vidin. The Complex also includes the Palace of the Vidin Archbishops, built in 1924 on the initiative of the Vidin Archbishop Neophyte; ...the building of the Economic Diocesan School from 1926, today sheltered the Vidin center for social rehabilitation and integration; ....and the newly built chapel of "St. Pimen Zografski".

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