This small one-nave church was declared a National Art Monument with the first law for "Nation Antiquities" from 1927. It's placed in the yard of the Vidin Archbishops Palace and is dug 1.4 meters under the ground. According to the inscription next to the front door, it was rebuilt on old foundations: "By the will of the Father and the fulfillment of the Son and the assistance of the Holy Spirit, this divine temple of the holy and glorious Martyr Pantheleimon was renewed in the year of 1633..." Inside the church, the walls are covered with exquisite frescoes, work of unknown painters. Two icons with precious and beautiful fittings, designed by renowned Vidin goldsmiths in 1823 and 1832, have been stored inside. In the 17-18 c., "St. Pantheleimon" was a Cathedral church of Vidin Archbishops, and later – between 1800 and 1803, during his enforced residence in the city, Sophronius of Vratsa served here.

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