The spiritual leader of Bulgarians, Anthim I, linked his life and deeds to this Danube city for long time. Vidin Archbishop from 1868, he was chosen for the first Exarch after the declared Independence of the Bulgarian church in 1870. Having spent a year in exile in Ankara, after the Liberation Anthim I returned to Vidin and held the Archbishop throne once again. He was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly and the First Grand National Assembly that declared the Tarnovo Constitution of the young Bulgarian state. After his passing in 1888, the grateful citizens of Vidin decided to erect the Mausoleum in honor of this dignified spiritual leader. This is the second mausoleum in Bulgaria, after the one of Prince Alexander Battenberg in Sofia. It was built in 1934 and designed by the architect Iliya Popov. Above the entrance of the square-domed building, a mosaic portrait of Anthim I is situated and in the frescoed premise, there is a sitting stone figure of the first Bulgarian Exarch, made by the sculptor Ivan Dudulov.

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