The church “St. Petka” is a Monument of Culture of Local importance and is situated opposite "Krastatata Kazarma" in the old fortified part of the city – "Kaleto". According to the inscription above the front door, it was built upon the foundations of an older temple between 1634-36. The church has been dug deep in the ground, which the Austrian explorer Felix Kanitz mentioned during his first visit to Vidin in 1862. After the conquest of the Kingdom of Turnovo in 1393 from the Ottoman Turks, the holy remains of St. Petka were transported to the Kingdom of Vidin, where they were kept until the final fall of the Medieval Bulgarian state. When the citizens of Vidin built up a small stone church in 17 century, they decided to name it after the Saint. Under the Ottoman frontier law of 19 c., the authorities could confiscate and adapt for defensive purposes all buildings along the border fortification. Because of its proximity to military establishments, "St. Petka" has turned into a military storage facility for coals, and the frescos were smudged with lime. After the Liberation, in 1882, the church was cleaned and from 1925, the services have resumed.

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