The Mosque and Library of Osman Pazvantoğlu were declared a Monument of Culture of National importance and are situated in the Danube Park. They were erected in the end of 18 c. and the beginning of the 19 c. by Pazvantoğlu who had proclaimed independence from the Sultan. The Mosque is a massive stone construction with austere oriental architecture. What makes it unique is the minaret, ending with a stylized peak of a spade or inverted heart instead of the traditional crescent. The placement of this symbol highlights the independence of Pazvantoğlu. Some people believe that he dedicated the temple to his father, killed at the behest of the Sultan. The prayer salon of the Mosque is vast, with decorated wooden ceiling, and carvings, resembling the late French baroque. Near the Mosque is situated the Library. The edifice is stone, square, covered with a dome. There, books were stored with both religious and secular content. Some of the volumes today are in the Oriental department of the "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" National Library in Sofia, while others has been handed to the Republic of Turkey.The Library was built to honor the mother of the Vidin governor.

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