In the Danube Park, near the Telegraph Kapiya, is located the only preserved old Post office in Bulgaria. The massive two-storied stone construction of the Turkish Post was built in 1858 by Bulgarian artisans from Debar. Apart of the internal and international correspondence, of great importance was the telegraphic connection between Vidin, as a border city in the Ottoman Empire and Calafat in the Wallachia Principality. After 1878, the building of the Post served the needs of the Men’s High School, and later the first Archeological museum in Vidin was located there. A curious fact is that the Post office was functioning during the years of the World War II (1939-1945). Today in the building, proclaimed as a Cultural Monument, the Center for Education, Art and Culture has been established, as part of the Regional library "Mihalaki Georgiev", known also as "BiblioPost". Creative workshops, studios, and readings related to the Bulgarian customs and traditions are organized here. The youngest visitors of "BiblioPost" are not forgotten either – a special room is prepared for them. The Youth corner is unconventional and provides opportunity for preparing and giving presentations, for meetings, dances and training.

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